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Christian Music

The music all started 50 some years ago on a plastic guitar and then on a small bodied Gibson you see in the picture above. It consisted of some adolescent love songs for the girl next door, and some more meaningful tunes as life hit the young boy upside the head a few times. As the 50 years advanced they became more sophisticated songs perhaps, and more meaningful to me toward those who impacted my life through their own experiences in the challenges of 'life.  Over the years my adolescent religion grew also and became a refuge from the storms of life and this also became that music that is the foundational reflections that became Unorthodox Christianity. Many of the songs are cross over songs that can apply to GOD'S love in action as much as any other. Much as Jesus was both human and spiritual, both genres reflect my spirituality and my own humaness. The songs will be added to as time moves on, circumstances change, and as new people are added to my life that create a new song by their presence. The music on this page is the primarily religious songs  that I have written and performed over the last many years.  Slowly, and surely, I will add more songs to this music specific site. For more of the beliefs that have grown from or became the music or simply are the blog and the faith visit 

Click on the link below for individual songs

Break Down the Walls

Leave The Victory to Him

Light A Candle

She Prays For Me

More Than A Father To Me


Ordinary People

Jesus Linens

More Than Miracles

Driven By A Force Within

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