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Driven By A Force Within

W/m dennis wheeler

Jesus Died For My Sins, 

He was Driven By A force within

 On the cross,  He died for me,

Driven By A force Unseen


Driven by a force within

 He was driven by a force within

 He was Driven by a force within  

we don’t understand    (repeat as desired)

The love of God, Pours out from this,

This special gift, This force within

We share love,  I know this, 

Driven by This force within      

 Driven by a force within

 We are driven by a force with

We are Driven by a force within

we don’t understand

Let Your Light Shine

Driven By A Force Within - Dennis C Wheeler
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Just what is it that drives an itinerant Rabbi, some say part time carpenter, to read his life in prophecy and then give it up for his fellow man, on a cross, without a word in his own defense?

More than that, what caused us to record and save and spread the message that this man taught to a community that believed in Him over 2,000 years ago. Then, what caused the message to survive all these years and foster one of the world's largest religions.

What is it that causes a man to leave the teachings and prejudices of his father, mother, family and culture to spread this same message of "Love One Another?"

Surely it is a powerful force that lies deep within us that spurs us on beyond our own intellect and feelings of self survival. A force within. This "Holy" spirit spoken of by the disciples. It is more than just following a teaching, it is being driven to teach. Driven By A Force Within.

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