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© 2003


I will never love another,

Quite the way I have loved you

That the tears, that I cry,

Come from my soul….. (Chorus)


There are places deep inside me

Where I hold on to the memory

Of the places, that we wandered

On our journey of the soul, (Chorus)


Will there ever be a moment

And a place where we’re together

Where we share each others passions

And we share each others dreams


They say that time will heal,

All the wounds within my heart

But I wonder, if they understand,

Just how deep, the wounds go…..


I wonder if they understand,

just how deep the wounds go

When your cut right to your spirit

And life’s hollowed out your soul…


I will never love another

Quite the way that I have loved you

And I wonder, if they’ll understand

Just how deep the wounds go…

Never (Love Another)

NEVER - Dennis C Wheeler
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Never  (Love Another)


There are special relationships in everyones life. Irregardless of where you are at and what you are doing, you will never forget them. Sometimes we remember the warmth and the hugs, and sometimes it is just the 'connection'. Those about you use phrases like "You'll get over it. Or "Time will heal your heart." Whenever these relationships pass, for whatever reasons, the wounds can sometimes be quite deep and take a long time to heal. This is about one of those relationships of mine, and perhaps, of yours. I wonder, sometimes, if they understand just how deep the wounds go.

God Bless.