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Hear the Children Laugh

W/m dennis wheeler © 1969



Hear the children Laugh

When the Circus comes

I remember when

We were like that once

I can see the eyes

Looking into mine

I remember when

Every poem was written for us

And the stars came out

From behind the clouds at night

Remember when

there was a poem just for us..


Hear the song I sing

About the girl I loved

When the days were fine

When the times were young

Not so long ago

When the time was right

For our love to grow

When the day light turned to night

Just the two of us

Standing all alone

Looking ahead

Toward yesterday

But yesterday was dead.

Hear The Children Laugh

Hear The Children Laugh - Dennis C Wheeler 1969
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Hear The Children Laugh
I will start by pointing out the date accompanying this song. I began writing songs when I was 15 years old. This song was written about a very special neighborhood friend when I was in high school. She was very special and it is important to me to add this song to this archive. If you have ever reached that point in your young life when you said goodbye to youth and moved forward into adulthood you may recognize the images. I hope you all have special someone's in your lives. They are gifts from GOD.
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