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(Secular) Meaningful Music

SO it's like this, the music all started 50 some years ago on a plastic guitar and then on the Gibson you see in the picture above. At the beginning It consisted of some adolescent love songs, and some more meaningful tunes. As the 50 years advanced they became more sophisticated perhaps, but no less meaningful for those who have been in the throes of 'love', or affection, or desire.

What I am presenting here could be considered to be an 'amplified' version of the music. Each link will take you to a specific song, its story, and its lyric. The songs are very simply presented. No big back up bands and no special  holiday performances. Perhaps someday, should I win the lottery, I may do better, but I will share. There have been many who would scoff at providing so much for free, but the gift was free. GOD wrote the music that I might pass it on to you. At this stage of my life I prefer not to take the music with me, but share the music I have been given.


    Click on the links below to go to the song and the story page


"Hear The Children Laugh"

"Only Love Can Heal"


"The Lady"

"Never (Love Another)"

"Struggle of Hearts"

"Someone Special"


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