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Ordinary People - Dennis C Wheeler 1996
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Welcome to my site. I am Dennis C Wheeler. Welcome to my music. 

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There is a song playing in the background that probably best explains this site. It is about sharing a gift for the future that was offered to me at birth. I am no one special. Listen as you read and then listen to the other songs at your leisure. They reflect that the followers of my friend are ordinary people at best and comforted at the heart.

It has been quite an interesting road to travel, this music road. It started years ago. A bit over 50 years ago actually. I wrote my first song when I was 14. Her name was Pat. Since then the music has been personal, secular, bannered as Dennis Wheeler Music Ministries and has included the Sunday Choirs, Barbershop, and Church performances. The occasional opportunity came to perform at a coffee shop here and there as well as in many churches, on retreats, or for a special this or that. It is about the relationships that life gives you and the humanness that we all share in and out of the churches and worship. Life is also about all of us as people. My humanity is apparent under the heading "More Music".


 My music is basic, and the recording what I could afford. In some cases it isn't even that well tuned. This site is not about Dennis the musician, it is simply about not letting the music  die. It was a gift to begin with and It has been my hobby and my passion for over 50 years now. It has cycled through numerous changes in my life, moves, work, relationships and so it goes. You will find the stories of a human being and the challenges of living. Of course my picture has changed also, from the one above.

This is where today comes in.  Like many, work took most of the time and the music hobby just kept plugging along in the background of a make a living and buying groceries kind of life. I have been given many opportunities to perform but never really had the money to record and publish beyond what I put on my main site years ago when Unorthodox Christianity became my thing.

The Music I have here. There is more other content at the site listed below.                       

Now, though, is about posterity. Too many of us over the years have let so much of who we were pass away with our demise that the work of the spirit goes with it.

I disagree. The forum of the internet can keep it alive for many years. So this site is a place to put it. I can share it within a blog, or tell a story with the song. Perhaps no more than just sharing. I trust you may even enjoy some of it.

And Have a Great Day.

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 All music 2002-2022 rights reserved Dennis C Wheeler songwriter

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